Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Hitechnic Accelerometer sensor

Yesterday I received my accelerometer AND rechargeable battery. I was just killing those batteries.

The accelerometer (acc. for short) is pretty cool but I'm bot sure I'll be able to use it to balance my robot. I should have researched this a bit more. I thought the tilt measurement function was independent of the acceleration part. Unfortunately, it isn't so while the robot falls, the numbers being reported are not the angle. I need to puzzle a bit more on this.

Another problem I had was accessing the sensor from RobotC. The documentation identifies the address as 42H to 47H. I had something at 42H but nothing meaningful at 43H and 44H.

Late in the evening, after 2 Advils, I decided to take a peek at 40H to 45H instead and voila! all 3 axis on the NXT display. Time to update your documentation guys.

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