Thursday, February 12, 2009

A New Plan

As planned, yesterday I switched training plan. This means I'm only 15 weeks away from running my big race, the Sulphur Springs 50 Miler!

I've built my mileage up to about 50 miles (about 80km) and now this is going to creep up to about 70 miles (112km) about 5 weeks before the race. The long runs are just ridiculous, with a few in the 30-35 miles range. I've scheduled some marathons and ultra races which I will use as training runs, including Boston.

I'm feeling really strong. This is a lower mileage week and I'm just busting with energy. I've done a few bike rides on the trainer at the gym, in the 30 to 40km range. I will try to add the swim soon, and then it'll be swim, bike, run again!

My next race is the Seneca Creek 50km Trail Run on March 7th, somewhere down in Maryland, an 8 1/2 hours drive. I will leave on Friday morning and should get there before dinner. I'm thinking about buying a GPS unit. The directions from Google are fairly complex and I won't have a co-pilot, so a GPS would be nice, especially if I make a wrong turn. That happened to me last summer going to New-York City and let's just say that I spent A LOT more time in Jersey than I had previously planned. I can use it to drive to Boston in April as well.

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