Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bruce Trail

Today, I went to Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area for my long trail run. The trail connects to the Bruce Trail, which means you can run forever. What a beautiful trail! It was a bit technical once it joined the Bruce trail with lots of roots and rocks, quite hilly, but I had a great time. 

When I came home, I bit the bullet and actually paid for a Bruce Trail Conservancy membership. In my opinion, the Bruce trail is a national treasure and I can't believe it even exists. The least I can do is give them a little money. A father at my kids school tried to run the whole thing but ran out of steam after 550km (out of 850). Still, an amazing thing. They collected 110,000 dollars for the Hospital for Sick Children. Unbelievable. I'm wondering if I can get a couple of hundred bucks for Muscular Dystrophy for Rock and Ice, and those guy collect 100 grands.

I had a decent week of running, up about 30 minutes to almost 4h30min of running. I'm losing track of my actual mileage because I find myself using my Garmin less and less often. Don't get me wrong, I love the darn thing. I never go in trails without it. That "Go Home" function is just indispensible when going in unfamiliar trails. I can just run and run, picking whatever sidetrail I want until my time is halfway up and then I can just go back, following electronic breadcumbs. It's just a great tool. On the other hand, I haven't used my HR monitor in weeks, maybe even months. Oh, well...

Yesterday I went to MEC and bought a few more items I will need for Rock and Ice:
  • MSR Whisperlite camp stove
  • Glove liners
  • Merino wool base layer top
  • Two 500ml thermos bottles (to prevent water from freezing)
I wanted to get a few more things but the place was a zoo. I will probably go during lunch time this week, it might be more civilized.

I'm trying to buy a used tent on Craiglist. I may have found one and it looks like a good deal. I asked a few questions, and if the answers are positive I'm going to buy it. It's a small 4 season tent and I will definitely have to sleep outside a few times this Winter for practice, probably combining that with a snowshoe outing. I haven't been this eager for snow since I was 12 years old. They say there's an El Nino; what does that mean? No snow or a lot? Anyway, they know nothing.

As my legs come back to life after their near death experience at Haliburton, I'm thinking more and more about a short distance race before Xmas. I had a fantastic time running my tempo on Wednesday (I might have run too fast). My body is craving an act of total abandon, which as we all know, can only be done in a race.

I could go on and on, as I'm still riding my high from today's run, augmented with an Americano from Jetfuel Coffee, but I guess it's enough for now.


Derrick said...

Great week and great run!

Just think how amazing the Bruce Trail is going to look with snow and on snowshoes!!!

Caroline Novak said...

That sounds so exciting stocking up for the Rock and Ice! And, the Bruce Trail would be an inspiring trail to run, maybe I'll check it out one of these days. I can't believe that guy raised over 100 thousand dollars! It's like those Team in Training runners, always collecting so much for charity. It seems so daunting to fundraise that much.

Shelley said...

Nice pics.

Sara Montgomery said...

They say there's an El Nino; what does that mean? No snow or a lot? Anyway, they know nothing.

So funny, so true. Love it. :)