Monday, December 7, 2009

Let's Forget This One

I won't mince my words: last week sucked. Working sucked and running sucked. I managed to run a grand total of 3 hours. My left knee is just not cooperating. I've been carefull to do all the strengthening exercises, stretching and rolling recommended by coach Derrick, but yesterday I had a flare up and the second half of my run was not fun.

This is a fairly minor injury and normally I wouldn't mind, especially at this time of the year, but with Susitna only 7 weeks away I'm getting a bit worried.

December 7 and still no snow. This is getting ridiculous. Just bought snowshoes for Pate's sake. Come on, snow already!

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Caroline Novak said...

Funny about the snow. I got a snow blower thinking I'd be ready for this winter, and now it's quite the surprise.

Not so funny about the injury. Hope it's all healed up in time for the race.

Good thing the week is behind you. That sucks about how companies can let people go at this time of the year, but thankfully you survived.