Friday, January 28, 2011

Three Weeks of Spring

First thing tomorrow morning, I'm getting in an aeroplane and I'm getting the f@ck out of here. Last year, I needed snow and there was none. This year, I don't need snow. I don't want snow and we're constantly running in slush. I've had it. Some of it is falling from the sky as I'm typing this. Dammit, I should have run at lunch! Last week's ridiculous cold snap pushed me over the edge. I'm buggin' out. Arizona, here I come! I'm going down there for three weeks, all by lonesome self. I've scheduled two races: the XTERRA McDowell  Mountain 15 miler somewhere near Phoenix next Staurday and the Sedona marathon the Saturday after that. Yummy!

Add to that sweet runs in the red rocks in 50 to 60F (10 to 15C) and what do you have? A Winter-frustrated-runner's wet dream, that's what you have. No city bus spraying you with slush on the sidewalk. No ice patch waiting to trip you when you're trying to do some intervals for once. No need for a windshield to protect your pecker. Running in shorts, what does that feel like again?

Would you prefer running on this ...
... or that?
Hopefully, when I come back, most of that white crap is gonna be gone. Winter running in the city is just not fun. Like my kids say: "it's character building".

Damn,  I'm getting moody. I need a vacation.


Derrick said...

Ah JD. Common, tell us what you really think of winter!

Yes, too bad we didn't have all this snow last winter before Susitna.

Enjoy Sedona and good luck with the races.

Alison said...

Isn't it funny how it always snows on the day that you think "ok today--this day--is going to be the day I do intervals". S'like an act of God or something..

Enjoy the races. That trail is making me drool!

Born To Endure said...

I need a vacation too...I am so sick of the snow!!!