Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Racing Season!

Last weekend was the OUS Spring Warmup run up near Creemore. Pierre did a great job of organizing the run. The course was very snowy and hilly but who cares? The racing season is here! Of course, everyone else is in great shape and I’m just plugging along trying to ramp up, wondering how on earth I’m going to run 52K at Seaton in less than two weeks but still it was great to see everyone else and plan the next season. I ended up running a bit less than I’d hoped, only a bit over 25k, but it took me about 3h30. What can I say? It was really hard! My ankle was really burning so I decided to stop after the second loop. No point in overdoing it.Last thing I need right now is to be forced to take a break.

Of course, one gets a little over-excited discussing the summer with other unbalanced runners, with the result that I am now signed up for the Burning River 100 miler on July 30th with Chris Mcpeake, Steve Beach and possibly others. That’s only 6 weeks after Mohican. What have I done? The logic behind it is that we want to run R2R2R in early October so I don’t think I should be running the 100 miler at Haliburton.  With Burning River in my pocket, that shouldn’t be an issue. Plus, as Chris mentioned, between Mohican and Burning River we have plenty of points for UTMB... Not that I’m going to do anything about it. Well, then again...

So Mud Puppies 52K on the 16th, followed by Pick your Poison 50k on the 30th. April is going to be se-weet!


David said...

See ya at Seaton.

chris mcpeake said...

Yeah cause we both know that if either one of us had enough points for UTMB we definitely would never ever sign up for that one ( I hear its hilly).