Thursday, May 26, 2011

Where's The Heat?

Last Saturday was the first day I ran in any kind of warm weather this year. I thought I was going to croak. This makes me worried because my next race, Mohican 100, can be pretty hot and I have a troubled history when it comes to running in the heat. With only 3 weeks to go, I might have to find me a sauna or something. Maybe the weather is as cold there as it is here.

Training was sluggish this week and not just because of the heat on Saturday. I ran the Toronto marathon a bit harder than I planned and it made my training this week feel like I had no energy. The last couple of runs have been better but I got a bit worried. Did the surgery really have no effect? Anyway, I'm going to go for blood tests to make sure my hormone levels are all good.

This weekend is Sulphur Springs and I won't be racing it. I decided that running a 50 miler 3 weeks before Mohican would be counter productive so I will be pacing my new friend Russell. I will be running the last 3 loops with him, probably starting at around 9PM until the finish. I guess I could have singed up for the 50K but this way, I help someone, there's no temptation to run too fast and the distance is just about perfect, especially at the speed I will be running. It's Russell's first 100 miler and his stated goal is to finish within the 30 hours so I don't expect a mad pace.

After this weekend, I will not be racing until 3 weeks later at Mohican, so I'll keep my running volume fairly reasonable. This year is incredibly busy at work, so it's very hard to find the time for longer runs during the week. I'm going to go for a low volume taper and I should be in top shape for my race. If it's not too hot...


chris mcpeake said...

dont worry it looks like the heat will arrive saturday or sunday .. big time.
cya on the course

Carlos said...

I assume that you will not be cheating and you are waking up at 3am tomorrow (like most of us are) and waiting until mid-night for your pacer? Hey you might want to crew for Chris and I? Just a thought.

Be careful what you wish for!

JD said...

Sorry guys, I'm going to stay in bed late tomorrow, go buy a few essentials (gels and Ensure) in the afternoon and then head for Dundas. I should be there around 4PM, bright eyes and bushy tailed.