Tuesday, June 24, 2008

More Vacation Training

Well, I somehow managed to do pretty good training-wise during this vacation in Sedona, AZ. I'm still there so I haven't downloaded my pictures yet but they are coming. This is a truly stunning area. This place is HOT and DRY. This means that by 10AM, if you aren't pretty much done with you run or ride, you will suffer. Your only option after 11AM is pretty much to swim and for that, you need to apply sunscreen. I got a bit of a burn yesterday swimming between 11 and noon. I had applied sunscreen to my face, neck and shoulders, but I burned my arms and back.

I managed to put in at least one workout a day and sometimes two. It's nice to swim around 4 or 5 PM. The pool at the nearby Hilton has a 25 yards pool dedicated to lap swimming pretty much all day. It costs 10 bucks, but what the heck, I'm on vacation and everything costs money.

On Saturday afternoon, I rented a road bike at a local bike shop. I didn't bring my shoes, so I had them change the pedals for regular ones with baskets. Early on Sunday morning I left aroud 7am for a 60km ride to nearby Cottonwood, then to Cornville and back to Sedona. The roads were fine, the shoulder nice and wide and the drivers pretty respectful. The first section was pretty much downhill, so the return was harsher. I made good use of my brand new Camelbak, also purchased at the bike shop. I was back before 10am, so the heat wasn't a big issue but it was still pretty hot.

The altitude doesn't bother me dramatically, but going uphill is harder than usual. You get totally out of breath. Same with drinking, although it's less of a problem on the bike because you can just coast while you drink.

This morning I had to put my 11 miles run in the bank. I went on a local road and it was pretty hilly. I felt fine until mile 9. I was just flat out of juice. I had plenty of Gatorade but I just felt like crying. I've run much longer than this only a few weeks ago, but the altitude, dry-ness and heat just killed me. Those last two miles were on a slight uphill and I managed to finish the run and meet my wife at our meeting point, where she was sipping a coffee waiting for me.

Swim, bike, run my friends.

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