Friday, May 8, 2009

Taking a rest

Today I've decided to get some rest. I might have been over-working my right foot a bit. 

Yesterday Michelle and I did a 5 mile hike in the morning and then I went ahead with a 6 mile trail run at the end of the afternoon. My foot felt a bit achy after and was very stiff this morning, so Michelle went out by herself this morning. 

From Running

Hopefully I'll be back on track tomorrow because I plan on going to Flagstaff for a group run with the NATRA (Northern Arizona Trail Runners Association) bunch. 

Running here is a completely different experience. From the house we're renting, I can just go out the back gate and start running on a trail called "Marg's Draw". That trail connects to other's and I can run far and hard. Hopefully, this bout of trail running will prepare me for Sulphur Springs. 

Speaking of which, that race is coming fast. Like always before a new challenge, I feel under prepared. I've done the work though, so it's all in the pacing and the state of mind. My problem is that I remember clearly how tired I was after 50k a couple of weeks ago and the thought of running another 30km on top of that ... Let's just say that it doesn't compute. 

So my plan for today: read, eat, read, jacuzzi, nap, eat, read, sleep.