Tuesday, September 22, 2009


There's no way around it, I'm tired. My body (brain?) struggled to get me through Haliburton. This was my second year running and my first year running ultras. In the last 12 months I've run one marathon, four 50k and two 50 milers. I think this was a full season, so I've decided not to race any long races until Rock and Ice in March. I've accomplished a lot in the last two years and it's time to take a step back.

So I'm actually TAKING A BREAK FROM RUNNING for at least two weeks. I'm one week in the break; I hate it and I feel like shit. My back hurts when I lay down, which never happens when I exercise. I feel like I'm gaining 5 pounds a day, but I can't stop eating, because I have all that friggin' time available. On top of that, my mom sent 3 huge boxes full of sweets (1 box of fudge/mashmellow/cookie squares, 1 box of plain fudge, 1 box of date squares) for the kids. There are a few date squares left, but I should be done soon. I called her last weekend to say thanks and ask her not to do that again. I'm afraid to get on the scale. I'll wait two weeks after I start running again.

I've thought about going out on my bike but just the thought of it makes me gag. Don't judge me. Riding a TT (Time Trial) bike in Toronto just plain scares me and hurts my ass because of the shameful state of the roads, specially the cycling lanes which basically cannot be used on a TT or road bike. Maybe swimming. Swimming has grown on me last year while practicing the Total Immersion method. I kinda miss it a bit.

In other news, I've decided to get a personal trainer for the next year. I had a long phone conversation with Derrick Spafford last week and he agreed to take me on as a client. We will be starting a new training program after my little break.

I have two big goals for 2010:

Do well at Rock and Ice
Run my first 100 miler (Haliburton?)

I feel that having access to the experience of a runner like Derrick will help me reach both goals. Derrick has run the Rock and Ice twice, so he understands my particular brand of craziness. He also trains David, who will also be in Yellowknife so we can get each other all worked up with anticipation.

I am still really excited about Rock and Ice. I go to Mountain Equipment Coop every weekend and look at all the stuff I'm going to have to buy: GPS, -30 sleeping bag, stove, food... My Xmas and birthday lists are growing by the minute.

This is it for now.


Unknown said...


Wishing you a speedy mental recovery! You won't be dissapointed with having Derrick as a coach! I found his workouts to be just what I needed and now that there is a lull between my next session with him I feel a bit willy nilly when it comes to my running. Get rested and you have earned a few sweets!

Caroline Novak said...

For a first year running ultras, you sure did churn them out!! Wow, 4 50Ks, 2 50 milers and a marathon on top of that! I can only imagine how tired you might be feeling!

Can't wait to hear about your training with Derrick, Rock and Ice, and, of course, the 100 miler

btw, Love the "no soup for you" reference! There is a little shwarma place in Streetsville, Mississauga, called "No Pita For You" which always makes me laugh.

chris mcpeake said...

You are a crazy man... lol

You doing Vulture Bait?

JD said...

Chris, nope. I now have to focus on Rock and Ice and that means being careful for a while. No Vulture Bait for me.

Unknown said...


That is an outstanding year of running. Well done. A 2 week break is sure to restoke the fires and give you some laser like focus for Rock and Ice. Might have to look at doing Haliburton myself. Heard lots of good things about it

chris mcpeake said...

Hey JD,
I see you are DNS for the TOAD. Are you registered? email me at c_mcpeake@hotmail.com if you get a chance