Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year

My family and I just came back from a week vacation down in Turks and Caicos. Highly recommended location. The beaches are just amazing. Other than my daily workouts and about an hour of catamaran a day, I did absolutely nothing. Well, I ate. I haven't jumped on the scale yet but I have a feeling the number will be larger than before the trip. No biggie. For me, losing weight is an effect of running, not necessarily an end in itself although I do enjoy that particular side effect.

I had a very succesful week of training, a total of about 6:30h, most of it running. Yes, running. I did do some elliptical work, but I ran the rest on a treadmill. I had planned to do elliptical work exclusively, but the machines available in the gym were not what I had hoped and decided to try running a bit. Then a bit more. The last few workouts were done running exclusively. No pain at all, at any time so as long as I don't do anything crazy, I might be out of the woods.

As happy as I am that I can now run, with barely a month to go, I can't help but to feel that my volume should be way bigger than this if I am to finish the Susitna 100. Takes about 3 or 4 weeks for training to "take effect" so I guess I have about 2 weeks of effective training to do. I have a couple of pretty big weekends in my immediate future. The rest will be mental. In this race, mental will be key.

This should be a great year and I wish everyone the best.

Don't think about it, just keep moving forward.

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chris mcpeake said...

Glad your able to run pain free again. good luck with the training for susitna