Saturday, February 2, 2008

Travels and tribulations

Spent most of the week in Houston for work. Came back on Thursday night, shoveled all day yesterday. Today I'm packing because I'm leaving for the UK this afternoon.

I still managed to get some running done. In Houston I found a route on pretty close to my hotel, so I was a ble to run a quality run on Wednesday morning. I got home at 6 on thursday and went to the gym for a quick treadmill session and yesterday, between shoveling sessions and work, I was back on the treadmill for my second quality workout. No way you can do any kind of speed in this snow.

I might go out for some "junk" miles in the snow. It's nice today, but the roads and sidewalks are a mess. Still, this would almost qualify as low impact. Maybe.

In the UK, I should be able to run a few times. I found a route on that I might try. The weather forecasts is improving slowly over there. I'll let you know.

My iPod is chock-full of back episodes of my favorite podcasts. I should be able to catch up on the plane.

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