Friday, April 4, 2008


My new multi-sport training is kicking my @ss. The problem right now is that spring is not quite here yet and I can't ride outside just yet, so I have to go to the gym. For example today, it's +1C and raining. I probably won't even run outside, let alone ride my bike. So this means a lot of trips to the gym and that's time consuming. At least there's a pool there where I can do my drills. It's too short for long distance (14 meters) so I have to go to U of Toronto for that.

My knee is still giving me grief. I'm going to keep icing it twice a day and tried to run less mileage.

I upgraded my bike a bit. I'm dying to buy a roadie, but I'll stick with my city bike for now. I bought some clip-in pedals and bought a cadence unit for my Garmin 305. I got it yesterday and I will install it on my bike as soon as it stops raining. With that I will get cadence information on my Garmin. Sweet.

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