Monday, May 5, 2008

Bought a Tri bike

I finally broke down and bought a tri bike. What can I say? I tried to wait until after at least a couple of triathlons but I couldn't do it.

I need pedals, but they loaned me some with standard cleats in the mean time. Can't wait to try it. The price was higher than what I know some of the Triscoop people paid, but it came all setup, plus a bike fit and a lactate threshold test. It was still way less that the msrp and still 3 digits in Canadian dollars so I'm happy.

This is going to require some getting used to. The speed shifters (or whatever they are called) are on the aerobars and the breaks on the regular handles so you have to let go of the handle bars quite often. Freaky.

I'm going to take it for a spin later tonight to see how it feels on the bike path.


I went out for a quick 10km on my new tri bike before dark and it was fantastic. Had to brush my teeth because I was grinning so much and going through clouds of mosquitoes. That thing goes FAST! It wants to go straight. I would say that for the same HR, I was going 7-10 km/h faster.

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Jetpack said...

Sweet Ride. Great name. Javelin! A device for impaling your prey. Perfect!