Thursday, May 22, 2008

Spring blues

What the %^#& is going on with the weather? Today is May 22nd and we're still freezing our ass off. My AC hasn't started once this year. I have to keep my office window closed because my feet are freakin' cold. I had to run with a LONG SLEEVE SHIRT earlier this week. What's up with that?

And the wind. Man! The worst thing though is the rain. The Toronto I know and love is hot and rainless. Lake Ontario is about to overflow for Pte's sake. After the $hitty winter we just had, we need to be warm. I demand a sun burn. How am I supposed to want to go out to train, when it's 10C (that's below 50F) outside and I look out the windows and I see rain pissing down at a 45 degree angle?

I have my longest race yet (Sulphur Springs 25k trail run) coming this Saturday and I DON'T FEEL LIKE TRAINING. I just feel tired.

It's supposed to get better over the next few days. Sure hope so, 'cause I got the blues.

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