Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What's Wrong With a Nice Ride?

I haven't been on my bike in months. Since September 30th to be exact. Same with the swim. I've done a few drills in November but that's it. What's wrong with me? 

Well, I've been runnin', that's what. But I think this is only an excuse. What's really happening is that I'm resisting going outside of my comfort zone.

I'm identifying more and more with running. There's something about the simplicity of it that I find beautiful. Maybe I can learn to enjoy cycling and swimming more than I currently do, which is: not that much. Cycling consumes so much time. To get a decent workout, you need to drive out of the city, then you need 3 hours for a decent ride and then another 45 minutes to get back home. I understand why some people do all their cycling on the trainer. 

The cyclists at my gym are mostly hard core. My bike looks like a piece of junk compared to the other bikes I see there. I don't even have "real" cleats; I got tired of spending money and bougth SPD pedals so I could keep using my spinning shoes. It shouldn't matter but somehow it does. The gym has a very nice setup, with 16 computrainers linked to two large screens and it's pretty busy in the evenings. This means that everyone gets to see how slow I am. Damn.

But enough is enough. If I want to do some Half Ironmans this summer, I need to get going. 

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