Sunday, January 18, 2009

Winter Running is Expensive

I'm sitting in my living room, waiting for my running clothes, which are tumbling in the dryer. Who said running is cheap? Quality winter running clothes are ridiculously expensive. I think that if I add up the cost of everything on me when I go out in the winter, it probably adds up to 500$:

  • Tuque:     10
  • Sunglasses:     30
  • Mask:     20
  • Scarf:     15
  • 2-3 layers:     50 each: 100 to 150
  • Wind shell:     75
  • Mittens/glove:     25
  • Windproof Undies:    25
  • Winter tights:     50
  • Socks:     15
  • Running shoes:    100
  • 515 (Subtotal)
  • Garmin 305:     250

So on a cold day (3 layers) I wear 500$ of clothes plus the Garmin. Crazy. Anyway, that's why I basically wash them over and over rather than buying more.

I'm 3 weeks away from switching from the regular marathon program I use to build-up my mileage to my ultra program. The speed work is getting to me. I skipped Fridays intervals because I was just too tired. I'm not 20 anymore and I felt like I was on the brink. The next week is a recovery week and should let me rest a bit. The thing is though, the ultra program's speed work is nowhere as intense as the one I'm doing now. Am I wasting my time? I hate questioning my training. IT worked for my marathon, I should trust it with this cycle as well.

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