Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rock and Ice Ultra - K-Rock

YES! I've finally made the commitment. I signed up for the K-Rock Ultra, a 3 days, 135km race up in the friggin' tundra, near Yellowknife. The race is from March 20th to 22nd. You run on foot or on snow shoes, depending on the surface conditions.

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Preparing for this race will keep me busy for the whole Winter.

I am so excited I could scream. Over the next few months, you will hear about this race A LOT. For now, I'm trying to resolve my heel problem and concentrating on getting ready for the Haliburton 50 miler.


David said...

Hey JD, welcome to the insanity. looking forward to the adventure. We have a lot to work on for the next few months. Let's keep in touch.


JD said...

Insanity: you said it first. We'll keep in touch for sure.

Unknown said...

Hey JD,

My friend Al and I are going to join the 3 day insanity, just have to put together the race fees. It would be great if you would share some of your cold weather training ideas and gear. Will be outside a lot this winter and at some point hanging out in a meet freezer. Keep in touch.

JD said...

Andrea, the krock has been cancelled for 2010. I'm doing the Susitna 100 instead.