Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Good Week

Last week was pretty good. I ran a total of 81km (50miles), which is a decent number for a week without an ultra. My right heel is holding up pretty good.

About the foot, I saw a doctor today, who diagnosed an Achilles tendonosis at the insertion, which he says is not dramatic. I have his ok to finish my training and run my 50 miler next month. He recommends getting orthotics but I'm not ready to do that just yet. He also recommends, if I won't go for the orthotics, 1/8th inch heel lifts although the logic escapes me. This whole thing is at least partially caused by my tendon (or the muscle it's attached to) being too short. Wouldn't wearing a lift exacerbate the situation and make the tendon even shorter? I might just go for more streching, but streching a tendon is a long term proposition. Anyway, no big deal, I keep running.

On the Rock and Ice front, I'm building a spreadsheet of everything I will need for the race. It's a long one, and some of the items are pricey. I looked at last year's results and A LOT of people DNF'd. I have my work cut out for me. I'm still very excited.

Next week is my going to be hard. It's my highest mileage week in this cycle, with over 100km (60 miles). Sunday is a 50km long run and I have to do it by myself because I my daughter is competing in the Western Ontario Dicision finals in Canoe/Kayak. I will probably plan a 10k loop around the site and do it repeatedly. Maybe I can convince a couple of the other fathers to do one loop with me, as I know some of them run a bit.

This is it for me.


Derrick said...

Glad to hear that your achilles is under control and you're able to train through it. In an ideal world it would be best to avoid the orthotics. The heel lifts may help you train through the injury, but you are right in that it's not the answer...but the rehab is.

Have fun putting together your gear. Lots of things to consider. Now is the time to start looking as you don't want to leave it to the last minute as that's when it gets very pricey.

Good luck in your final buildup to Haliburton. Look forward to seeing you there.

JD said...

I'm meeting the physio on Thursday. I'm not a good patient. I don't like the fact that sport clinics seem to be setup as a "feed" to their physio/orthotics buddies where they can make more money.

On the other hand, I do have an injury so something is wrong and I will give them some time to prove me they know what they are doing.

Call me paranoid.