Thursday, August 20, 2009

Where Did That Come From?

Last week, I turned my foot pretty bad going down a hill in a trail near my house. It felt kind of ok after, so I finished my workout which was hill repeats. I ran quite a bit on it over the next few days without much pain.

Yesterday, I got ready for my run, started my Garmin, ran 2 steps and had to stop. The pain in my left foot and ankle was sharp and I knew I shouldn't run on it. WTF? I had just signed up for the Iroquoia Trail Test that very morning (last day of online registration).

Just as my right foot is getting better, my right one is giving me grief! Sounds familiar?


Hua said...

awwwww, hope your left foot feels better!

Jayme Frank said...
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Jayme Frank said...

Hope you feel better for this weekend! Got my comments section fixed in my blog, thanks again for the heads up

Derrick said...

Hope it's just a minor tweak and that things bounce back quickly!