Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Shoe Dilemma

Anyhoot. Today I went out for a quicky (damn you taper) and decided to try my La Sportiva Crosslites. I just happen to love those shoes. They look fast and they FEEL great. I ran almost all my trail races with them including my only 50 miler. The only problem I had with them is that because they fit so well, they become a bit tight after 35-40 miles.
La Sportiva Crosslites

I haven't worn them in a long time. At Creemore, I forgot the insoles and had to run with my road shoes. Then, I turned my left ankle and for some reason, the Crosslites were just killing that foot so I had to use the Wildcats for a while.

La Sportiva Wildcats

Today, though they felt just fantastic. I had all but decided to race the Wildcats at Haliburton, but now I think I'm going to start with the Crosslites and send my Wildcats ahead in a drop bag, just in case I feel a bit tight later in the race. I KNOW I can run 50 in the Crosslites. I have never run more than 20 miles in the Wildcats although I have to admit they have a bit more support and the soles are a tad more cushioned.

Tomorrow, I'm going to run with the Wildcats and make the final decision.

Ain't this fun?


EJ said...

Have you noticed the URG wears Crosslites? Good Luck with your shoe dilema and have fun this weekend.

David said...

I would almost choose the Wildcats over the Crosslites. Not sure what the terrain the 50 miler you can before was like, but Haliburton can be a little tough on feet. The more support and cushioning might be a better trade off in the later miles, than the lightness.

JD said...

EJ: OMG, I did not!
But really, what else would he wear?

David: Thanks. That's a good point, I'll keep that in mind.

Derrick said...

Go with the DIONS!!!!! ;)

...Seriously though, with the challenging terrain and hills at Haliburton, it might be a better idea to consider the Wildcats as a safer bet. They have a little more midfoot support which may be a good thing...especially if your achilles is still barking at you these days (if I recall correctly). Another benefit of the Wildcats is that the heel to toe ratio is a little greater than the Crosslites, meaning that your heel sits up slightly higher in relation to your forefoot, which puts less strain on your calf/achilles.

I'm sure either would work fine for you, but it's never a mistake going with what you're used to and with an extra bit of protection.

See ya up there!

JD said...

Ok, ok! I surrender. I'll wear the Wildcats. Maybe.

Sara said...

I'm having a similar dilemma: Crosslites or Fireblades. Derrick told me the same kind of things he's telling you!