Tuesday, February 2, 2010

JD, Shut the F@$K up!

When I run, I talk to myself and these days it's driving me crazy. It's not like I'm going to say something I don't know. I don't just think about stuff, it's like I'm narrating my own run, or giving myself a play by play of what I'm thinking. Then I'll notice I'm doing it and I'll start talking to myself about that!

I was reading an interview of Anton Krupika here and he says it well:

"... However—and this is the tricky part—the moment I realize that I’m not thinking about anything, then I am thinking about the fact that I’m not thinking about anything and the moment is lost. ..."

My problem is that I never achieve the non-thinking part, referred by some, I believe, as "flow".

So this is my new project: shut the f@#k up. I need to turn off my brain when I run.


David Johnston said...

Hey JD, your brain will let you be at Susitna...You will be begging it to wake up.
Also the awesome scenery will leave you thinkless.
See you next week.
Dave, wasilla

Sara Montgomery said...

JD, Have you told Sancho to 'shut the F@$K up' yet?

JD said...

Sara, me and Sancho are best pals! I'm going to feel guilty running the race with a brand new sled.

Hone said...

I always talk to myself. You are not alone.

Also Dave is a talker. Whenever he stops talking is when I know he is going through a nasty funk/bonk.