Saturday, February 20, 2010

Susitna 100 2010 - The Movie

Here's about 10 minutes of video I stitched together, mostly at the beginning of the race. I tried to tape at night but for some reason the camera stopped, probably because it didn't detect enough light. Or was it because I pushed the wrong button?


David Johnston said...

Sweet video JD!!!!


Derrick said...

JD, That is beautiful. So incredible to capture. Thanks for sharing. Just loved the scenery. You will enjoy that for a long time.

Hone said...

Loved it!! Hilarious! Now you know why I hate that course. It is beyond beautiful but it just doesnt end.

Hope overall you had a great experience in our state. Lots of good terrain and even better people.

Caroline Novak said...

I love this ... and so cute that the dogs have little booties on. Incredible footage of the scenery, really makes a difference to see it "live"! Alaska really is so beautiful and pristine. And too funny on how the race directors claimed there are no hills ... why do they always do that?