Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Sunday I had a decent trail run. I went up to Halton Hills and ran some of the Bruce Trail side trails up there. It was colder than expected but I had a good time. Trails re definitely more fun than pavement.

Had an exciting Monday morning. Me and the guys at the office (there are 6 of us) have been buying 6/49 tickets for years, but only when the prize goes above 15 millions. Even people who now work somewhere else still participate. We round robin and last week it was my turn to get the 6 tickets for Saturday's 42 million draw. On Monday morning I checked my tickets and the last line had 5/6, with the 6th number being a 10 instead of the winning number 11. Damn. That was close.

Still, we decided that the glass is half full, since we won $6,000. Split 6 ways, nobody is quitting their job but to make a long story short: I got new running shoes!

I decided to split my $1k four ways with my wife and 2 kids and I with my share I bought a new pair of Nike Lunarglide. I tried some of the others in the "Lunar" series but they either had a small toe box or I had funky pressure points. These ones feel pretty good and and decided to give them a try.

My current road shoes were a pair of Adidas Adizero Pros. They are barely more substancial than socks and they feel great for shorter distances but there is NO cushioning and I decided to try shoes that hit the pavement a bit softer. I have to say though, if I had to run a 5k tomorrow, I would definitely run in the Adizeros.

With the rest of my money, I'm probably going to buy a new bladder for my Nathan Hydration Vest. My daughter just came back from the Amazon (yes, that's right) and she used it quite a bit down there. It smells a bit funky and I don't trust it one bit.

I'm starting a new training cycle and today I ran hills. Ouch! Sulphur Springs is only a couple of months away and I feel out of shape! Really, how could this happen? I just ran 100 miles for Pete's sake! I need speed. I need to feel the burn! I think I should be careful what I wish for...

Damn. So close.


Johnny said...

Hi, JD. Not sure whether you've liked the Nathan bladders, but I've never been much of a fan. I like the vests (I've got the #020 and the #008), but I have replaced the Nathan bladders in both with Camelbaks. I've found that they even fit better inside the packs.

Just a suggestion, since you're looking to replace the bladders.

Cheers, John

Hone said...

I hear nothing but good things about those Nikes. Also I had a pair of Adizeros but thought they were too heavy. I like the racing flats even for long distances.

Keep on those hills...they will make you bulletproof!

JD said...

John, I have one of each. I ran Susitna with the Camelback bladder because I had no faith in the valve in cold weather. Also, I had a Nathan bladder split open in the middle of a race.