Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Blood and Mud

Another slow week to report. I only ran twice. I lost one toenail, with two more hanging on for dear life. Mentally, I still feel a bit numb, like someone stuffed my skull with cotton balls.

Last Friday, I decided to give some blood so at lunch I went to Canadian Blood Services instead of going for a run. In and by itself, I don't mind giving blood. My problem is that I find that it affects my running for a long time. Yeah, yeah, your blood volume is supposed to be back to normal after a couple of days, but really, your blood is just diluted with water (or whatever). It can't carry as much oxygen and I, for one, can feel the difference. I don't have much capacity to spare. There are good reasons why you have to wait a few months before you can give blood again. So I figured that since my running is what it is right now, this would be a good time to give. Done.

This week, I will try to increase my running volume, to maybe 4 runs: 3 short ones and a longer one on Sunday. I feel like I need the mental lift that comes with running, even though my ankles still feel a bit achy and stiff.

I signed up for the Seaton Mud Puppies this morning. I'm going to go for 52K, not the full 50 miler. I just want to strech my legs on that race and I had a great time last year doing that same 52k. It's a great long run, a month before Sulphur Springs.

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chris mcpeake said...

Hey JD,
See you at Seaton. Kim and I both registered yesterday. She is doing 26, I am in for 52k. Tough course but should be fun. Sorry you are dropping toenails, that sucks but goes with the territory I guess