Wednesday, April 14, 2010


About that last post...

Yesterday (Tuesday) I ran again the same route with my HR monitor. Same pace. Same distance. My HR was down very close to last year's. This goes to show you one of the problem with hr-based training. Our heart rates can change for various reasons. Maybe I was a bit dehydrated. Maybe I was still under the effect of the 5hr run from the previous Saturday. Maybe I was fighting some bug. We shall never know.

Anyhoot, I'm relieved because secretly I was a bit worried about Saturday's race and even more worried about Sulphur Springs, where my goal is to PB on that course (last year I ran a 10:06 for the 50 miler). That mental question mark about my fitness would have been hanging over my shoulder and maybe given me an excuse to slow down when the going gets tough (and you know it will!).

All is well, I'm not wearing that hr strap again for a while. Like a politician, I have now cherry picked the numbers that prove I'm in great shape and I will ignore the rest.

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