Friday, June 25, 2010

Much Ado About Nothin'

Nothing much to report. Training is proceeding as planned. I've slowed down my easy run a lot and I'm starting to see positive results, with my hr being noticeably lower during my easy runs. I'm no big fan of hr monitors except that I find that they keep me honest on slow runs. For faster runs, I prefer to use a pace-based approach because hr is a bit of a crap shoot that goes up and down at the slightest hill, according to the weather or what time you went to bed the previous evening. For slow runs I don't care since they are supposed to be slow. Of course, I have to suffer the humiliation of being passed by basically everybody and their sister, but such is the life of the ultra distance runner.

Creemore Elevation Profile from my Garmin (2 loops)

Can you believe it, Creemore is next weekend! The biggest challenge for me in that race is the length of the hills. They just keep going. I had a pretty good race last year. I actually ran negative splits (2h54 and 2h51 for a 5h45) despite equipment failure (my Nathan bladder split open) and increasing heat. I'm going to try the same strategy again, maybe going even slower on the first loop and then I'll try to run some of the hills on the second loop. We'll see what happens. Should be a fun race.

Like I said, not much to report. That's all she wrote.

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