Sunday, July 4, 2010

Quick Update : Creemore Vertical Challenge

Just a quick update about CVS yesterday.

I won't write a full race report because I'm still not sure what happened yesterday. Well, I know what happened: after a near perfect first loop, a side stitch got progressively worse, then I totally bonked and never recovered. Most of the second loop was a death march under the near-ever present sun, in oppressive heat, with Kinga Miklos cheering me on and providing constant entertainment.

This was my personal Waterloo. On that day, for me, it was the hardest race I've ever ran. I added almost 1h30 to last year's time. I ate, I drank, I walked the hills, I took my salt tablets. What did I miss?

I'm still struggling with some things: what happened?; should I have called it quits and dnf'd at 35k?; did finishing that race make me stronger or made me question my mental toughness?

As you can see, much happened under the Creemore punishing sun and I'll let you know when I sort it all out. It's still too raw.

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