Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Signed up for TLC

Before Creemore, I had pretty much decided against running the Limberlost Challenge, way up in Huntsville. I’m not a friend of the bugs, although THEY like (love?) me just fine. I prefer my forests covered with snow and free of mosquitoes and deer flies.

Well, it is summer and as the week progressed my need for redemption kept growing. Finally, I Google-mapped the directions and found out that it’s “only” a 3 hour drive. With a 9am start, it’s an easy morning drive so I decided to sign up; after all as the “grand prize” winner, I get a free entry! This will be a lot more fun than running a double long run all by myself on boring city trails.

Training went ok last week, although it was damn hot. I’ve been looking at sweat rates, nutrition, electrolytes and all things related to running in ridiculously hot weather. I now have even more questions and fewer answers.

Only two months until Haliburton. That’s 8 weeks and a bit. If you take out a 3 week taper, this leaves only 5 actual weeks of training which can positively affect the race. In the last 3 weeks, you can only screw it up.

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