Saturday, July 24, 2010

Giving Back

Well, it had to happen eventually. The urge to give back overcame common sense and this Monday I will begin teaching the “Learn to Run” clinic at the Rosedale Running Room. What was I thinking? Where will it stop? Am I going to end up digging a well somewhere or poking at the ground with a stick in some faraway land, looking for unexploded mines?

I’m not sure whether I will be an inspiring teacher, but I decided to give it a try. I’m excited about the fact that this is a beginner’s clinic. Once someone starts running, they get set in their own belief system very quickly and I won’t have to deal with that. People signing up for the clinic are obviously interested and want to learn, so it should be a blast.

The fact that they will be running slowly is not a problem for me. As an ultra runner, running slow and walk breaks are concepts that II am very comfortable with. The clinic’s goal is basically to build them up from no (or very little) running, up to the RR standard of being able to run a couple of intervals of 10 minutes run/ 1 minute walk. After that, equipped with all the knowledge I will be imparting upon those poor souls, they will be ready to move up the RR clinic pyramid.

It looks like I will have a fairly small class. I’m not really surprised, the hot and humid weather at this time of summer is not really attractive for someone trying to start running. I’m sure many people are telling themselves that they will start running in September. Still, a small group (there are currently 12 people signed up) is ok, as long as I don’t lose too many over the next 10 weeks. Attrition is always a big problem with beginners. Apparently, the current clinic started with 35 people and only 7 showed up last week. Yikes.

I’ll let you know how things go.


Derrick said...

You will be an inspiring instructor JD. The LTR clinics are so much fun as that's where you see the greatest gain in such a short period of time. It is so life changing for some of these people. You'll enjoy it and find if very rewarding I'm sure.

Hone said...

Sweet! Bring cookies and they will keep coming back. I know I would!

chris mcpeake said...

Dont forget to say things to your students like. "I decided to cut my run short so I packed it in after 5 hours" or "I remember when I reached the 85 mile mark that I suddenly got my second wind"

Your going to have a great time with it. I am jealous.