Sunday, March 30, 2008

April fool's 10k Run - So close

Just came back from the Whitby Marina, where I ran my fastest 10k yet. I have been working fairly hard on my running over the past couple of months, despite the f#$% snow and cold and I was anxious to see if it had paid off. I knew my 5k times had come down dramatically but for some people, it doesn't really translate into 10k.

I ran the race with two friends from the canoe club. Both are much younger than me, around 29 to my 44. They barely had trained, so I felt I HAD to beat them. I was a bit worried about one of them because he told me his best time for a 10k was around 42 minutes and I was planning on 45. I warmed up early and for quite a long time. My knee bothered me a bit but I was careful not to push, slowing down to a stop when it started to smart a bit. After 15 minutes I could do strides without any problem and it was time to have one last pit-stop and get to the starting line.

The weather was cold, at around the freezing point and quite windy, specially along the lake where we ran most of the race. They had to change the route because of snow and ice on the second half of the 10k, so we just ran the 5k loop twice.

My strategy was to simply run steady a 4:30/km pace throughout. The wind had other plans. We seeded ourselves pretty good and I took off, my fast friend in tow. My first two km were right on pace but the next three were either facing the wind, going up a long uphill or both. On the way back I tried to get the time back but I just couldn't. I was still doing really good. Out and backs are great 'cause you can see who's ahead and how far they are. I'm not sure I saw anyone from my age group in front of me. A couple of guys in their fifties and quite a few younger guys but that's it. Did I mention it's a fairly small race with about 400 runners?

At the 5km turnaround, there was nobody to tell us where to go. People waved vaguely towards a few cones. I went there and saw more cones along the boats and I started that way, but people were screaming at me to go the other way. I have to admit I was a bit pissed off. I back traced and took off for the second loop. The wind felt even worse. I was a bit slower on the second lap, except for the last km ending up with even splits.

At the finish, no one was recording finishing times and we didn't have chips! My Garmin 305 says I ran 9.99 km and finished with a time of 45:21, which is 9 minutes faster than my November 30th 10k, just a short 4 months ago.

I was going for sub-45, but with the cold and the wind, it just wasn't in the cards today. I was so close though. Next time. It might be a while before I try again, since I'm trying to build up for a 25k trail run on May 24. Maybe I'll race a 15k at the end of April.

Now, I'm switching my training to multi-sports. I need to improve my swimming A LOT. I have no stamina whatsoever. My technique falls apart after 100 meters. I feel sorry for the lifeguard who has to witness this mess.

I'm also going to replace a few parts on my bike and try to bike outside, as soon as the weather gets above friggin zero!

That's it for now.


Krister said...

Congratulations! Next time, with a warmer temperature, you will beat the 45 minutes for sure.
I am signing up for a 8km race on the 13th of april but I will need more than 45 minutes to finnish that distance.
Well done!

JD said...

Thanks, I really appreciate.

As for the time, everything is relative. There will always be people faster than us.