Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Spirit of the Marathon

Just bought a ticket online for "Spirit of the Marathon". It's going to play for one day next Thursday, here in Toronto.

Bought myself some new pedals for my bike today. I'm dying to start riding outside but the wind today was crazy so I went to the bike shop to buy some pedal baskets worth 10 bucks, and came out with: new clip-in pedals, a pedal wrench, riding gloves, a flat repair kit, a spare tire tube and a little bag to stuff all that on my seat post. Did I mention the pump? This winter has got to end soon.

Just came back from the gym. I spun (spinned?) for 45 minutes listening to "Zen and the Art of Triathlon" and "Running from the Reaper" and and then jumped in the pool and did drills for 30 minutes. I scheduled an hour with a swim coach next Thursday. I have a feeling my technique is all wrong so I'm trying to stick with drills and not burn in my bad habits by doing too much distance.

Feels weird (and nice) not to have those nasty quality runs twice a week. I'm kinda back to more of a "build" phase right now so I brought the intensity way down. Nice.

I'm looking at my schedule (it's right beside my beer!) and tomorrow I'm running 30 minutes easy and I have a 60 minutes easy spin. Hopefully the winds will be down and I'll be able to go out.

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