Monday, April 28, 2008

Getting there

My foot felt great on Saturday, but I had a cold so I decided to take the day off. I decided to retire my NB 858. They had about 750 km on them plus a winter full of salty slush. Since my Nike Free seem to deteriorate fairly fast, I decided I needed new running shoes. I hesitated between the Zoot and the Karhu M2. They didn't have the Zoot in my size and the Karhu M2 felt great so although I had never heard of those shoes I decided to go with them. Bought me some quick-laces (I liked that in the Zoots) and I was on my way.

Yesterday, after a bowl of Rasin Bran, two advils and a sudafed, I decided that I felt great! The sun was out so I went out for a short run to try the new shoes and my recently chiropracted foot. Everything felt great so I just kept running. Got home two hours later: 20km of bliss. Could have used more Gatorade but nothing is perfect.

My cuboid acted up a bit after and specially this morning. Not as bad as before but some. Went back to the chiro (I already had a follow-up appointment scheduled) and she let loose again. Ouch! Feels better, but again, it's pretty tender. Running on Sunday for sure.

I drove down the race course. And by "down", I mean "down". The whole 10km is basically down hill. I haven't been doing much speed work this month but I bet I can run under 45 minutes on the course. Does that count as a PR? I won't count my chickens just yet though.

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