Monday, September 22, 2008

10 Things That Freak Me Out

Running my first marathon on October 19 is going to be awesome. I know it will. But running 42 km is not like anything else I've ever done. Until a few weeks ago I felt pretty good about it. Am I going to run it in 3:30 or 3:35, I used to think. Then I started the real long runs. Now I've seen blood staining my shoes. I've felt old injuries, I thought I had banished forever, coming back. I'm wondering if I trained enough. So now I wonder.

Here are the top 10 things that keep me up at night. Well not really cause I'm really tired these days and I sleep real good. But in the 5 minutes before I fall asleep this is what keeps me awake.

  1. 1- I can't believe that after 1 year of running I still don't know what running shoes I should wear for my races.
  2. I hate the fact that I KNOW I will have to pee during my marathon.
  3. After training for 21 weeks for a 5min/km pace for my marathon, I still wonder if I should attempt it.
  4. I have a half-marathon in 6 days and I don't know what pace I should go for.
  5. I wish I could pee on the run. I just can't. I tried.
  6. My right knee hurts and I don't know what to do about it. I think it's going to be ok.
  7. I'm wondering if I run enough. I'm at peak mileage and barely running 60km/week.
  8. I'm still getting blisters after long runs. Shouldn't my feet be lethal weapons, with skin tougher than leather?
  9. I keep getting flashbacks of my previous races, of how tired I was. And I know this is going to be worse. Am I going to cry?
  10. How the F#ck AM I SUPPOSED TO RUN 42 KM? I'm both excited and freaked out about it.

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