Monday, September 15, 2008

Sweat, Blood and Blisters

I can't seem to settle into my Nike LunarTrainer shoes. No matter how comfortable they feel when I put them on, they seem to somehow place my toes in positions where I get blisters. I went for a 29k run this weekend and noticed after about 15k that the left shoe had quite a lot of blood seepage. I could feel the nail from my small toe cut into its neighbor. I just trimmed that nail! Later on blood started to show on the right foot. A little passed 28k, I looked at my show and it was just ridiculous so I decided to cut it a bit short.

Funny thing is that when I took my right shoe and sock off, I couldn't see anything wrong. The sock and shoe were soaked in blood but my foot and nails looked fine. I think that there must have been pressure on one of the toe nails and blood seeped around the adges. Weird.

My left foot is just a mess. Two huge blisters are going to make training a challenge this week.

Only 3 weeks before the half. I don't want to damage my feet so soon before my marathon. I'm not sure I can (should?) run the half in the Free 3.0s, so I think I will go back to the Karhu M2 running shoes. Although they don't seem to be as condusive to forefoot running, I never have so much as a blister on them even on long runs. That's a shame but I've been fighting blisters for a few weeks now and this is getting ridiculous. If I can run in the M2s without knee pain creeping up, I'm going to stick to them.

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