Friday, February 13, 2009

Farewell Nike 3.0s, I Barely Knew You...

I've know it for a while, but now there no way around it. My favorite running shoes are too small. The fact that I lost my left big toenail after racing the Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon should have made me suspicious, I guess. But I just couldn't accept it. The fact that I can't find ANY Nike 3.0 of my size (US 10, since my 9.5 are too small) doesn't make it any easier. I originally bought them from Eastbay, but for some reason they now only have size 6 and 15. WTF?

I have a pair of 5.0, but they aren't "perfect". When I put the 3.0 on, it's like I just stick a sole under my feet. They are so light and supple. Except for the fact that my big toe, the one with the new toenail about halfway grown, now has a blister on its tip. 

I went to the Nike Store last weekend and I asked the sales person if they could get me some. He asked me if I pronate or supinate. I asked again and he just asked me the same thing. I walked out. What a f#$%ng moron.

Now I'm desperate. The 5.0s are ok. My Lunartrainer are fine. My Karhu M2 are too stiff. I need shoes that I love. The few US stores that have them in stock won't deliver in Canada. A guy on Triscoop offered to buy them and send them to me. I didn't want to impose, but as I said, I'm desperate so I think I might do that. Is this how it was to live in the USSR?

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