Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Great Run

And can't be sure why, but sometimes my brain feels like it's going into a rarely used gear. Colors are more vivid, smells and sounds almost overwhelm me. This morning, walking back from a morning coffee at the Jetfuel coffee shop, was one of those times. The weather was beautiful, there was no wind and walking to my house became something special. Then I got home, the feeling faded and I plodded along doing what I do for a living.

At lunch I went out for a 5 miles run and it started a bit rough, as it happens in so many runs, after sitting on my ass for 4 hours squinting at the computer. Then the special feeling came back. I looked at my Garmin and I was just flying, barely aware of the effort. This was supposed to be a recovery run, but I was running at my marathon pace with little effort. I could feel the power in the muscles of my thighs and legs. I wasn't breathing hard, but deeply enough to feel the connection between that act and how my body was powering me forward. I felt alive.

This was one of the greatest run of my life. I've had a few like these, but not many. I've run further. I've run faster. I enjoy most of my runs. But this one was special. It's been a few hours, and the feeling still lingers. I love it.

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