Saturday, July 26, 2008

As Morpheus said: AGAIN!!!

Well, barely one week since last week's tri and what have I learned? No a thing. I'm racing again tomorrow in a long course Sprint in Bala. Got sucked into that one by someone at a 10k race this spring. Anything in the Muskoka's seem to fill up quick. The race has been full for weeks.

My wife is away for the weekend, picking up our oldest daughter from camp so I transformed our living room into a transition area and washed my bike in the house. My youngest daughter is coming with me and will volunteer, if she can get up at 4:45am tomorrow, that is. I didn't feel like spending the extra money to sleep over there and quite frankly, I probably wouldn't have been able to find accommodations anyway.

This is definitely a C race. I gave everything I had last weekend and although I'm feel pretty good physically, I'm not sure how much punishment I will be willing to take tomorrow. Last weekend is still too fresh to my mind. A long course is uncomfortably close to an Olympic and during last week's race, I had to go places mentally that were not fun. I'm not complaining: this is what racing is all about and I know I did my 100% best. It's just still a bit too real.

Anyhoot, I'm sure that once I start swimming tomorrow, I'll forget all about all this psychological self-pity and just run as hard as I can. I've never seen the course so I have to rely on the pre-race email and "the course has its share of ups and downs" doesn't help much.

This should be fun!

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