Thursday, January 17, 2008

New Running Shoes

My second pair of running shoes has had it so I decided to buy new ones so I have time to break them before my next race just in case I need them (like if my other ones are at the shop for maintenance). Last week I tried the Nike Pegasus Clima and really liked them, so I went to the Running Room all set to buy a pair. After extensive gait analysis, the lady convinced me that I needed more stability than the Pegasus provides. My regular shoes are "stability" shoes, so it kind of made sense.

So I'm the new owner of a brand new pair of New Balance 1223. They feel real comfortable.

I also bought some winter socks and a fuel belt. As I increase the length of my long run passed 10km, I will need to hydrate. Later on, I also want to experiment with goo, gels, etc... so the belt is a must. The lady at the store had very specific ideas about hydration. She believed one should drink over 8 ounces (222 ml) every 15 minutes, while I read in "The Lore of Running" that the absortion rate of liquids is 700 ml per hour. I wasn't going to argue with her. Anyway, SOME drinking is required on longer runs so now I have a fuel belt.

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