Thursday, January 17, 2008

Spinning as cross training

After seeing that a lot of people were spinning on their day off, I felt I had to emulate so I went to my club for a spinning class tonight. I've never done it before and I hate being the newbee. The instructor showed me the ropes quickly with a minimum of fuss. Now I'm in the know.

Jeeez. That was hard. For the same heart rate, I would say that my perceived effort was almost double. Now I understand what they say about "specificity of training". I guess it was a good workout. I'll probably do it again but I would prefer to do it at lunch so I might have to shift my runs to match the spinning schedule since there's no lunchtime spinning on Thursday, which is currently my day off.

After the class, I just had to have a beer (well... two) at the bar, so I don't think there will be a caloric net gain on this workout. Still, a positive outcome.

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