Wednesday, October 15, 2008

OMG - I am going friggin' nuts!

Books keep mentioning the importance of controlling "arousal" before a race . Fucking right I'm aroused! With only a few days until marathon, I feel like everything has an exclamation point after it. 

I am VERY excited by the fact that the marathon training program is FUCKING OVER this Friday. Don't get me wrong, it was an excellent plan that brought me here on 4 running workouts per week, since I still had to swim and bike. But let me tell you, the last 2 months were a grind.

I'm looking forward to setting my sights on some even more ridiculous endeavors in the near future. Some of my early, but not definitive, ideas are:

- Breaking 43 minutes in a real 10k (42 minutes maybe?)
- Breaking 21 minutes in a 5k
- Doing at least one half ironman distance triathlon
- Running a 50k or 50 miles race
- Running Boston if I qualify

The idea of running Boston makes me want to puke, since this would mean starting a new marathon training cycle in a month. This is crazy talk!

On the other hand, I'm looking forward to getting back into swimming and biking. Build some base, you know? Work on swimming technique. Become an adequate cyclist.

Now there is the question of this Juggernaut on Sunday. Yes, I'm talking about the Toronto Marathon. I think about it all the time. All. The. Fucking. Time. Things I think about:

- Can I finish? I was so fucking tired after the 20 miler! That wasn't event race pace!
- Where should I park my bike that morning?
- What if my toenail finally comes off during the race? Could it cut my toe off?
- Should I wear a hat?
- Which shuttle should I take?
- What if the pace bunny screws up? Will he tell us in time?
- Do I have a cold, right now? Can I take Otrivin before the race?
- How many milliliters of Gatorade do they put in a paper cup? Do they mix it right or are they cheap?
- Should I bring a couple of gels or Cliff Blocks? Where can I put them?
- What if I don't finish?

Need I say more? I'm excited. Done.


42at42 said...

Can I give my opinion to help you ponder your questions

-anywhere you can find a place to put the lock
-where it as a necklace beside your medal
-yes it help keep the sweat out of your eyes
-the one that brings you to the start ;)
-you said you didn't have a time goal this year, just finish it
-Cold FX!!!! right now
-forget the gatorade, drink water and eat shot bloks
-wear shorts with pockets, put the bloks in sandwich baggies
-that won't happen - positive thoughts are the only ones you are allowed.

Lastly, tear up the T.O. asphault, take no prisoners and have a blast.

JD said...

Marty, I've been on Cold/FX for the last three weeks, ever since my wife and two daughters have ALL come down with horrible colds. I know they have been trying to give it to me! I am SO paranoid right now.