Friday, June 5, 2009

First Triathlon of 2009

Despite my lack of tri-excitement, I'm racing tomorrow at the Sprint Lakeside Triathlon somewhere between London (ON) and Kitchener, a two hour drive from here. Last year, that same race was my first triathlon ever. It's a nice short, flat course. It's short, even for a sprint: 500m swim, 18km ride, 4k run. My time last year: 1:05:22. I had actually trained. 

Tomorrow, I will try a different strategy. In my prior races, I've always held back on the bike but tomorrow, I'm going to bust my legs on the bike. It might not mean much, since I haven't biked much, but still I'm going to do my best. I'll do whatever I can on the run. With my sore foot and my legs still recovering from my 50 miler, it might not be my best run ever. 

My swim strategy won't really change: forward movement. Thank God for wetsuits.

To be honest, I feel pretty good about tomorrow. I can work hard for an hour!

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