Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Quick Update

It's been over a week now since the race and I thought I'd give a quick update.

Recovery from the race has been interesting. The first couple of days were a bit harsh, specially when I got up after sitting for a while. Things got better quickly starting on Tuesday. I went for an easy 4 mile run and it went pretty good. I ran a few more times and rode my bike once.

My right heel is giving me some grief. I'm not so sure it's the Achilles tendon anymore. The pain is lower down and it could be a bursitis of some sort. I'm going to maintain a very low volume and try to bike more for a few weeks.

Mentally and emotionaly, I feel a bit disconnected. The start of the triathlon season is not getting me excited. I have the Laside Sprint Tri this weekend and I couldn't care less, probably because I didn't train for it. Also, I've come to appreciate the low-key ultra races and compared to that, the thought of a busy triathlon transition area feels overdone, with the $5000 bikes and all that. The weather has been really cold, I hope the lake won't be freezing...

That's it for now. Physically ok, but struggling to get back on track. 


Caroline Novak said...

Sounds like those typical post-race blues. Can see what you mean too about the busyness of the tri vs an ultra.

A few ppl I know are into the ultras, and I keep telling them don't suck me into that vortex, haha.

But, one thing that intrigues me is the tightness of those races. There seems to be this smaller following and it's many of the same ppl each time too. Gives it a unique feel, I imagine.

Anyhow, I'm rambling, but hope that your heel is back to normal asap, and tht your tri ends up being fun :)

(hey, the word verification for this is the funniest i've ever seen: unfuggi ...)

JD said...

Cooome to the daaark side Caroline .... Mouaah, Aah, Aah, Aaaaah!

Caroline Novak said...

hehe :) :)

chris mcpeake said...

Congrats on Sulphur Springs (and seaton) was at both but only for the 25ks. Not quite ready for the 50 milers but think that one might be in my very near future.