Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lakeside Sprint Triathlon 2009

Yesterday's race was a perfect demonstration of the concept of specificity of training. Having not been in the water since my last triathlon last year and having been on my bike only maybe 5 times, my race went as well as could be expected. The swim and bike were marginal and the run was good. But I'm betting ahead of myself.

Lakeside is a two hour drive from my house but the race start is at 10am so I didn't have to get up too early. I got there with plenty of time to space and got a prime spot on the rack. To me, a prime spot means either end of the rack, where you can put your stuff in between the bike and the rack leg.

It was freezing cold and with over an hour to wait, I decided to put on my wet suit to keep warm. At ten sharp, the race started. I was in the 3rd wave so I swam around a bit and shot the shit with some other people. Then I did what I had never done before, I actually peed in my wetsuit. I had been locked up in there for a while and the thought of riding and running on a full bladder broke me down. Relieved and warm (heeew), I got ready and then we went. 

For some reason, I had a hard time finding my pace. I think I started a bit too far back and I had some trouble passing other swimmers. At the halfway mark I was done, but thnks to the magic of wetsuit I just kept on moving my arms. Forward motion. My chip didn't register at the first mat, so I don't have an exact time for my swim but the total for the swim and T1 is 12min 38sec, only marginally slower than last year's 12:01. I think my T1 was much faster this year, but who knows.

My plan on the bike was to go as hard as I could and I did. A few km in I was wondering how I was going to finish. My thighs were just hurting. I was passing quite a few people from prior waves. A few guys passed me as well, but not too many. It was an out and back course and I saw a big bunch of about 10 of the faster racers on their way back, bunched like a they were on the Tour. People are so greedy. It really pissed me off. NO DRAFTING, YOU FUCKING LOOSERS, YOUR FINISHING TIME IS MEANINGLESS. YOU ARE LYING TO YOURSELF AND THAT'S SAD. Anyway, before it actually registered in my brain, I had blown past them and I didn't have time to share my feelings with them. I finished the bike in 35:20 (for 18km). That was a full 4 minutes slower than last year but the course had changed and I checked other competitors and they all had at least a 3 minutes slow down, so my strategy of going all out allowed me so do ok.

T-2 felt like a blur and then it was time to run. It's really hard to begin a run when you are already huffing and puffing, and your legs feel like jello. I just looked ahead and ran hard hard as I dared. I didn't have my Garmin so I had no idea how fast I was going. I passed a lot of people and I don't remember anyone passing me. I ran the 4k course in 17:58, a 4:30min/km (7:10min/mi) pace, 1min 30sec faster than last year. I was hoping for a bit better but I don't think I'm recovered fully from my 50 miler two weeks ago.

SO my final time was 1h07min22sec, exactly 2 minutes slower than last year but considering the slower bike route and my lack of swim/bike training, I'm happy with my time. I finished 78th/310, 15/29 in the 45-49AG.


Anonymous said...

JD--congrats on an extraordinary accomplishment! Your A race--just bad ass! I could never run a 50K...but then again, I never thought I could do a tri either, and I'm doing my first one the end of this month. I completed a relay tri last weekend, and my team got 3rd. I was thrilled! Anyway...just wanted to tell you congratulations! It's amazing what the body can do! Way to push yourself! See ya next time your in Houston (yep, it's me...Studio doc writer Shannon :) )!

JD said...

Small world! Have fun doing your first tri.

Anonymous said...

Yep! Thanks! Gonna be fun!