Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Hair of the Dog Run/Walk

Today I ran the annual "Hair of the Dog" 9k run/walk at the Balmy Beach Club. Met lot's of friends from paddling.

My pictures are available in my Picasa album.

When I looked outside this morning, this is what I saw:

Street behind my house

It damped my enthusiasm a bit but then I thought I'd have to go for a training run anyway, so might as well have some fun.

There were few walkers, maybe a dozen, but well over a hundred runners. Here's a picture of the walkers assembling before the start:

Walkers getting ready

I started running fairly slow, 5:30ish/km with some friends but then I picked up and did the rest in the 4:50 to 5:10 range. At mid-point, there was a drink table where you could pick a cup of water, orange juice or schnapps. I had a cup of the latter and had to chase it down with some water. I'm pretty sure the schnapps did not help. But it was tradition.

I finished in 46:34, which I'm happy with considering my 5k two days ago and the fact that I started slow. Also the path was slippery and rolled under your feet. It would have been a good time to wear crampons.

Race course

I taped the run in English and might make a podcast out of it.

A couple of paddlers and me decided to race a 10k together in March. No excuses. Should be fun although I might get my ass kicked.

That's it for today. Happy new year!

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