Friday, December 21, 2007

The Dog Whisperer

I like dogs. They don't seem to hate me but I'm no "dog whisperer". When I run and I see a dog ahead of me I know that nothing good can come out of that encounter. The best I can hope for is to be ignored. The smaller the dog the bigger the problem. Even if the small mutt is actually friendly, it might make a sudden move and I migh crush its little paw, right in front of its owner.

I've never been bitten while running but I can feel the dog's mind wondering about this big human charging at him and its master and then running away. I'm always afaid I will trigger its hunter instinct (if a pug dog has any that is).

I don't think I let show, but the dog and its owner probably wonder why this runner's big watch is beeping when I blow past them saying "Nice doggie!".

What can I say, it's my heart rate monitor tripping my heart rate alarm!

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