Sunday, December 30, 2007

Resolution Run results

Just ran the race a couple of hours ago and I did much better than expected! I finished in 23:44, over a minute faster than my ultimate goal of 24:59.

According to my Garmin Forerunner 305, my race looked like this:

Km Plan Actual
1 5:03 5:03
2 5:02 4:53
3 5:00 4:51
4 4:58 4:49
5 4:55 4:05

I felt really strong after my first km, after finally finding my place in the pack and I decided to go faster than planned. The course was fairly flat and had no major hill. We didn't have chips and the times are from my Garmin.

This is my best 5km time ever and I'm ecstatic. My VDOT is up to 40 from 36. My new training paces are now:
  • E-Pace: 6:19/km
  • M-Pace: 5:27/km
  • T-Pace: 5:06/km (ouch!)
  • I-Pace: 4:42/km
My T-Pace runs will now be quite challenging.

Tomorrow I will probably run 3 or 4 km real slow to stretch my legs. My Canoe club has a 9km race on Tuesday (New Year) called "Hair of the Dog Run" and I might run it. I'm not sure how hard yet. We'll see how my legs feel tomorrow.

I met a couple of people from the Canoe club at the race today. That was nice. They ran the 5k with their teenage son who pushed a bit too hard. When I saw him after the race, he was projectile-vomiting. But he beat his previous PR so who cares, right?

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