Monday, December 24, 2007

Talking to myself

For the last couple of weeks, I've been listening to running podcasts. During a quick meeting in Florida, I bought a copy of Running Times where they mentioned a few podcasts, including Phedippidations. I downloaded the very first episode, then the next, then more. I've now sampled a number of podcasts and really enjoy them. One podcast is kind of a spin off to Phedippidations and is called The Extra Mile. Its format is a bit different in that it is built from a number of segments contributed by listeners and the regular crew. It's really nice to hear how people are training and issues that interest them.
So today, I picked up my wife's dictaphone, hooked up my VOIP headset, got dressed and went for my lunch run. It was quite nice to run while talking aloud. I guess people are used to others talking into their bluetooth headsets because nobody gave me a second look. I spoke for a full 45 minutes. After editing, I ended up with a bit over 4 minutes of barely usable content. Great fun anyway.

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